Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement, Enjoy the Comforts of Home

Doctor Gordon has developed minimally invasive techniques for hip and knee replacement surgery that help patients get home and recover quickly, which ideal for the outpatient is setting.

Outpatient joint replacement procedures enable patients to recover from surgery in the comfort of their own homes. This may eliminate the need for a hospital stay, which generally means that patients experience a lower risk of complications and infection. As a result, patients can often return to daily activities sooner than those who endure a hospital stay.

More than 427,000 total hip replacements were performed in the United States in 2012. As the overall number has grown, the age of those undergoing this surgery has shifted as well. There has been a significant increase in the number of younger patients electing to undergo hip replacement, with nearly half of all hip replacements performed on patients aged 45-64 since 2011.

Along with increased patient safety and comfort, outpatient joint replacement is also significantly reducing a patient's out-of-pocket expense by lowering the overall cost of care throughout the joint replacement process. Most patients who undergo traditional inpatient joint replacement surgery are in the hospital for at least two nights.

Patients in need of joint replacement surgery interested in an outpatient procedure must be pre-screened and pre-certified. Patients must be under the age of 65, in overall good health, and be highly motivated to return to work and daily activities quickly.